Today is the day 11 Jaguar, OZELOTL, of the 20 day period called PANKETZALIZTLI, which means the raising of the precious standards and is guided by a special quality called UITZILOPOCHTLI, the one who comes from the south as a hummingbird, and refers directly to the winter solstice when the Sun is born again. The name of this year is 10 House, KALLI, all this information is carved in stone on the most precise calendar system recognized by science, the TONALMACHIOTL, commonly known as the Maya/Aztek Calendar.

So, instead of this day just being Wednesday, December 30, 2009, it is also the day of the Jaguar and if we approach it like a Jaguar by being audacious and tenacious we will be a little more in harmony with the attitude, warning and privileged this day is offering us...enjoy!!!

timo itazke...see you later


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