The count of the Days of the Sun.
The 20 day signs and their combination with
the series of 13 numbers13 x 20 = 260 Days

On February 15, 2008, at noon we began a new TONALPOUALLI, A Sacred Count of 260 days. This is a count that runs concurrently with the XIUPOUALLI, the 365 ¼ Solar Count on what is commonly called the Aztec Calendar. I want to invite you to take a few minutes out of your days and acknowledge this new beginning. If we can begin to recognize each day for what it is worth we will be better able, and equipped, to take positive advantage of what each day has to offer us.

What our most ancient scientist did was to document the movement and the system in nature that, when followed precisely, will lead to more productive and joyful lives. They at once understood that they were a part of nature as being the owners of it never entered their mind.

The 260 day calendar is one of the most amazing contributions of the ancient culture of Mexico, North, Central, and South America to the world. This contribution includes the TONALPOUALLI, TLAKACHIUALIZTLI - the makings of humankind, 13 x 20 and 1 x 13 =273, the number of days which equals the time from conception to birth, the gestation period of the human embryo. The Maya say TZOLKIN and Nauatlatolli say TONALPOUALLI…this information was not available before, but here it is now for all to learn and use. It is easy, give it a try.

The TONALPOUALLI is the calculations of predestination of time and space inscribed in the AMOXTIN, calendrical books also known as Codices. Each one of the signs of the days and each of their number, 1-13, have determined attributes which are fundamental in calculating the characteristics of a special happening such as the birth of a person, the initiation of a new endeavor, the beginning cycles of planting / harvesting, etc... It speaks regarding the future and it also serves to recognize events already past in moments of time established and identified by a particular date and or action.

The TONALPOUALLI crystallizes the concepts and norms of cohesion and interests in social relations as well as in the use of exchange and commerce.
When this system is applied to the life of man, it is evident that from his conception to his birth, there is already an impression of his characteristics that we can discover in the calendar by the relationship between the signs of the day, the numbers and the elements of nature that influences them. Upon his first breath of life he has an identity and a responsibility according to the day sign... ILUIKAPOTZINTLI, are our respectable cosmic companions and they are representing the capacity and potential that is available at any particular time.

The TONALPOUALLI marks the coherence and rationale for daily living and it shows us the roads to follow. By helping the individuals become responsible and by these means it teaches them to discover their aptitudes and capabilities - since it does not show determinism but probabilities to follow. This is not a horoscope, but the result of patient, scientific observation of the days, by our grandfathers who left it as a legown worth, he will find his own space in the social context, in which he lives with the norms, cultural values and traditions that will guide him to a peaceful coexistence with everything and everyone that surrounds him.

February 15, 2008, was day Ze Zipaktli, 1 Crocodile, as we begin a new cycle of 260 days. Every time that the number 1 is again united with the Crocodile we begin a new TONALPOUALLI. What is depicted in the images is symbolic of what is occurring in the Cosmos, upon the Earth and in the precious Womb of every mother in the universe every 260 days.

After Ze Zipaktli leads the first 13 days until the day 13 Akatl, the 2nd 13 day period will begin with Ze Ozelotl (Jaguar) on February 28, 2008. It will continue in this sequence until all 20 days have been number one and led the 13 day count.

This tells us that the one that leads is influencing the remainder 12 for 13 days we have the influence of the Crocodile, and then for 13 days the influence of the Jaguar, and so on until the Rabbit finished its 13 cycle which will conclude 260 days.

Please be mindful that it is not about you, but of the day…so you cannot even mess it up…just enjoy it.

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